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Creative direction


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Petoso App, is a Colombian startup that wants to position itself as the most extensive and expert digital platform in pets in Colombia.

  • Develop a visual identifier that reflects the positioning objectives of the project.
  • Generate a bold and disruptive logo proposal.
  • Reflect a very human brand, close, inclusive, with feelings. Expert in pets, with a high degree of innovation and confidence in the user.

Support yourself and be very practical with the possibilities offered by the technological sector in which the project is going to develop.

Defining its features

Together with the client, we asked a series of questions to generate an identity profile that would allow us to understand the authentic and deep spirit of the project. Define precisely what we are and what we are not.


“We are an expert digital platform for all pets”

The result

Petoso is Petoso. It is Petoso because there is no other. It is a fable; it is the protagonist of the adventure that all those who have a pet go through. It has no shape, although it is round, it has no race even if it is hairy and buttony, it has no gender, although it ends in O. Petoso is everyone’s pet -your pet, mine, my friend’s-. Petoso is Petoso.


We decided to try all possible combinations, modifying at least in color and typographic variation, something that worked quite well.

Petoso is Responsive!

Because Petoso is a brand in the digital world, it was necessary to think about the support and technical challenges where it was going to perform. To do this, we developed different versions that allowed us to have at hand the most versatile option depending on the circumstances.



Our work focused on developing only the identifier of the project since the development of the App oversaw another company specialized in the digital world. Despite everything, we do not hesitate to put in context some pieces to check their versatility.

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