Penta: Intelligent management of public services

We created an identity with a strong visual narrative to support a digital service that controls and manages citizens' consumption targeting multi-site firms


2019 – 2021


Creative direction


Graphic design


Art direction


Motion graphics





Pentaservicios is a company that allows its customers to manage and save public services such as energy, water, gas, telecommunications, and tidiness. This firm uses specialized software that scans quickly and on large-scale invoices to recognize common consumption patterns and detect irregularities in time to avoid unnecessary consumption in the short and long term.

  • Organize the brand architecture according to the company’s needs.
  • Create a visual narrative that support the commercial management team to explain the complexity of the operation.
  • Develop an identity that allows strengthening the relationship of the service with a trascendental digital component

The beginning

We developed a visual identifier that would allow us to recover the idea of managing the five public services that also inspired the name.

We then created a metaphor based on bar charts, in which the performance of an indicator, in this case, public services, is usually measured. We inscribed the initial of the name, inside the bars, in a hidden way, allowing the observer to discover it.

Brand architecture

We defined a simple grid for a complex problem. Then, we decided to make a monolithic architecture, where the organization contains three business lines divided into Software (eMetrics), specialized consulting (Saving Solutions), and Energy Projects (Projects). 

Each business line is self-sufficient and must feed the top brand, focusing on building an administratively independent-system, but uniform from the visual identity.

A digital DNA

Now more than ever, the digital revolution or transformation of companies is an infallible indicator of success. It goes from process automation to decision-making and beyond to results optimization. It is the heart and future of Penta, which is Penta’s and its customers’ DNA.

Therefore, we proposed an identity that allowed them to communicate concepts such as savings, sustainability, experience, growth, and technology.

Communicating with images

We decided to use illustrations to communicate straightforward service complexity. We focus on creating the metaphor of a machine that automates the reading of invoices in volume, evaluates their performance, and delivers a diagnosis that allows decisions to be made in time and thus fulfill Penta’s promise of value: “Energy management for sustainable companies”.

Icons and symbols

Animating icons

Animated icons allow to strengthen the idea of a vanguardist, close, and technological identity. Similarly, the proposed identity easy colors adapt to the requirements of each piece.

Implementation and standardization

The implementation followed several phases, prioritizing some relevant points of contact for the commercial management. The phases compressed: value proposition’s presentation and its narrative, cards, emailing, and website.

We finished the project by delivering a completed and standardized identity manual, where the Penta team can consult the decisions and processes made throughout the construction of the brand.


identidad visual penta
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