A Hang Tag of a thousand colors

The beauty of the massive handmade
ClientHoli - By Dolores Barreiro

Creative direction

Paulo Ledesma


Victoria Avendaño


Prensa La Libertad (ARG)

Rediscovering Holi

Holi by Dolores Barreiro, is one of the most exclusive clothing brands in Argentina, and its promise of value, revolves around the delivery of high-quality products where the human imprint on production must be a priority.


Rescue the richness of the variety of textures and color gradations obtained during the printing process.

How we do it?

We made the labels with a printing process, where human intervention and the criteria of a good printer, reflected the objective of the proposal. Generally known as “Letterpress”, we used a variety of cardboards, papers, and cardboard, to make both labels, where the tones and textures were infinite, managing to reflect a harmony based on a random process for both layers: paper and ink.

Diseño gráfico

Paulo Ledesma


Victoria Avendaño


Prensa La Libertad

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