Einstein's Dreams Book

A relationship between Einstein and typography.
CountryUnited States

An award-winning project

It is an experimental editorial project and was selected to be exhibited at the “SCAD Secession 2016”, an annual presentation that showcases the best works of graphic design students at the Savannah College of Art and Design (U.S.A.). Our Art Director, Mechas Sinisterra, was awarded the prize in the silver category for this beautiful work.

What does it consist of?

The project is inspired by the five chapters of the book “Einstein’s Dreams” written by Alan Lightman. Different resources of editorial design and experimentation were combined, where a series of artistic works, paintings, and photographs were grouped to represent the concepts of each chapter.

Key concepts

Nostalgia, cyclical time, tentative, the relationship of support and dependence between the elderly and the young despite the difference of their times, and finally, the relativity of the passage of time, which according to the author, depends on the distance with the center of the earth.

Design principles

Repetition, color, and proportion. The photographic material was used to enrich and make the narratives much more interesting throughout the publication.

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